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1. 73% of Consumers Own Promotional Bags
Seventy-three percent certainly is a lot of people and with all of the single-use plastic bag bans being implemented, this number is only going to increase. But what 73 percent means is that members of your demographic likely own promotional totes or they encounter people carrying promotional bags all the time. This kind of exposure can ensure your customers are routinely thinking about your brand.

2. Bags with Logos are Kept an Average of 11 Months
In terms of advertising, 11 months is a long time. It may only be cost-effective to place a print ad for a single issue of a publication or an online ad for a matter of days. But over the course of 11 months, your custom promotional bag can have a major impact and help spread the word about your business.

3. 84% of Baby Boomers Report Owning a Promotional Bag
This statistic matters because it tells us it isn’t just the youngest of our generations that are interested in sporting a reusable bag. If your target market includes this cherished group of consumers, a promotional bag will appeal to this demographic.

4. 3,300 = Number of Impressions a Promotional Bags Delivers
3,300 impressions mean people see your promotional bag and internalize your message. People may not realize that they’re reading and internalizing your message, but they will and your branding will become familiar and recognizable. A single reusable bag can reach a significant number of people and make a major impression.

5. A Promotional Bag That Costs $5 Will Have a CPI (Cost Per Impression) of Under 2/10 Cent
So 3,300 impressions are pretty compelling on its own, but when you look at the cost of impression, or CPI, that makes for an even more compelling story. You can really maximize your budget when it only costs you fractions of a cent for each impression your custom promotional totes deliver.

6. 50% of Consumers are More Likely to Do Business with the Advertiser That Gave Them a Promotional Bag

Need New Ideas? Ask US!

It’s easy to get stuck on what you have always used. 


We offer our Florida customers a free consultative approach to give you other ideas that may be more current and/or relevant to attract new business. And not just product ideas. Once a promotional product has been selected, we can show you how to further enhance your results by utilizing different decorating (printing) methods and more.


Have an event coming up? Not sure which promo item to select?

Tell us about your next event, corporate meeting, sales goal, fund raiser… and we will help you find a promotional item(s) that is most likely to yield the results you want. We can help you find the product that can give you an additional advantage over your competitors and help you enhance your customer experience.




A picture may be worth a thousands words but a picture of a promo item is not likely to give you an accurate idea of what your promotional item feels & really looks like! We want to make your buying decision as easy and accurate as possible! From drinkware to bags and totes, pens, meeting essentials and much more, ordering samples to review is easy. Thousands of customizable promo items are available to 'Try Before You Buy'. Eliminates any concerns about product quality, color or size! 



We offer thousands of products from several highly rated suppliers. Many of our products are priced at end column. Found a promotional item cheaper somewhere else? Send us a link to the item and, in most cases, we will beat the price! With us, you don't just get low prices. With many years of experience in the promotional products industry, if we feel that your selection may not work, we may suggest alternative products and decorating methods. Getting a great price is, well, great, but if your 


You can choose from a full range of various delivery methods. If you qualify, we can hold product in inventory for future use and distribute to your business as needed. Should you be expending or doing a total makeover, we work with you and your staff to develop a timeline and then work with our network of distributors to ensure products will arrive when needed.


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